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Electrical Manufacturing of all our electrical control and distribution systems are designed by our staff prior to manufacturing.

Electrical drawings, operation manuals and software design layouts are compiled for the manufacturing teams and, if required, for customer/manufacturer approval. Electrical panels are then manufactured and wired according to SANS-10142 and then tested before delivering to site for installation.

Medium Voltage Distribution Systems

Primary distribution lines carry medium voltage power to distribution transformers located near the customer’s premises. Distribution transformers again lower the voltage to the utilization voltage used by lighting or industrial equipment.

Low Voltage Distribution Systems

A low-voltage network is part of an electric power distribution that carries electric energy from distribution transformers to electricity meters of end customers.

Motor Control Centres

A MCC is an assembly to control some or all electric motors and accessories from a central location. All control and switch gear is installed in this assembly.

Solar PV Installations

The Solar Photo-voltaic panels are installed in a location that has the best exposure to the sun and connected to inverters. These inverters are tied into your electrical network to reduce your monthly consumption from the supplier.

Distribution Boards

Low voltage Distribution boards (DB's) connects the supply to the different loads and equipment in your establishment through correctly sized circuit breakers.

Generator Installations

A generator is an engine driven machine that runs on fuel that can generate a backup electricity supply when your supply fails or is cut off. The generator can be started manually or it can be wired to start and change over automatically when your supply fails. The automatic change over will..

Power Factor Correction

PFC is the process of improving a low power factor present on a power system by means of installing capacitors and in so doing, increase the ratio of active power to apparent power. An increased power factor will reduce your monthly utility bill.

Electrical Control Panels

A control panel is an electrical panel that is usually used for smaller applications. It will be used to control 1 or a few motors with maybe a few valves. sensors etc included in the application.

Energy Management

Energy Management gives you the power to control and manage your monthly electrical consumption. It will be 1 or multiple power meters installed across your establishment and you will be able to access each meter electronically.

PLC Automation Panels

PLC Automation panels are the complete automated solution. It will include all your control gear which will be the PLC (programmable logic controller) with various VSD's (Variable Speed Drives) and in most cases 1 or a few HMI's (human machine interfaces) as well as all your switchgear that is required to control complete system from start to finish. The control gear will be programmed to meet the client and manufacturer's requirements.

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